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ONE PIECE- Ep 422 SUCC :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 0 I tried PIskel for the first time :iconbingle23:bingle23 3 0 Young Link Majora's Mask Plushie :iconbingle23:bingle23 5 3 :Linktober: Young Link Portrait :iconbingle23:bingle23 5 2 Magic Night - 3DS Painting :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 3 Lord Daemon - Fantasy Life :iconbingle23:bingle23 4 3 My iTunes is Trying to Send me a Positive Message :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 0 Two Common Ideals :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 0 All Youtube Fans Report: This is NOT a Drill :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 0 Shitty Pokemon Card :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 2 Dan and Phil ~ A Smol Bean and A Tol Meme :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 0 ok WHAT :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 1 Young Link? :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 0 Dan Howell Punk Edit - Cherry Blossoms Background :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 1 Thomas Sanders is not amused :iconbingle23:bingle23 2 0 Josh Kwondike Bar Gif XD :iconbingle23:bingle23 0 0


Commission: Kenma :iconkotokate:Kotokate 35 3 Midna - magic light :iconsanny-sanary:Sanny-Sanary 36 0 Overprotective :iconarisencoyote:ArisenCoyote 26 3 Link and Navi :icontanuks:Tanuks 100 16 John? :iconditadipolvere:DitaDiPolvere 19 2 The Woman-Irene Adler :iconyanderekirklandchan:YandereKirklandChan 6 0 Windwaker Sketchdump :iconscribblecate:ScribbleCate 4 3 link from breath of the wild! :icondelta-bloup:delta-bloup 5 2 Zelda hyrule warriors :icondelta-bloup:delta-bloup 10 0 Merry link :iconminiemushroom:miniemushroom 32 2 Franky smiles :iconshashi92:Shashi92 46 10 Usopp :iconartistiqrp:ArtistiqRP 12 0 Zoro :iconprusce:prusce 13 0 Vinesauce BRB :icontpnx:TPNx 14 2 Vinesauce Splash :icontpnx:TPNx 8 0 The Wrong Side Of History :icontpnx:TPNx 4 0



I tried PIskel for the first time
I'll make more in time, I'm thinking, but for now... 2D from the Gorillaz :)

Have a great day my dudes Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
Young Link Majora's Mask Plushie
Hi everyone!! So, this is my 100th deviation, which is kinda big for me because I started my account when I was 12 and I'm 15 now. So I've been at this for a while.

My early artworks were pretty shit in hindsight, but I feel I've definitely been growing and developing my art style, as well as expanding my fandoms and interests.
It's been fun, I'm not leaving any time soon. Love this site :)

Entire site: Nobody Cares!  (Spongebob comment/chat emoticon) 

..Anyway, 'nough of that. Happy November, hope everyone has an awesome week. Bye Luffy-ha-ha-ha Fence Scene [Shaun of the Dead] 
:Linktober: Young Link Portrait
Just drew this at school because i'm an unproductive little shit. I don't care though. I'm past that.
Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 
(Me knee-jogging away from life responsibilities)
Anyway, happy Linktober to all my fellow Zelda nerds!! Green Link Approves Icon 

Media used: Pencil sketch, outlined with calligraphy pen

Have a great day y'all.
Magic Night - 3DS Painting
Here's something I drew for my boyfriend on my DS. Picture quality's a little shaky here, but I hope you still enjoy :)

For those who are interested, the app is called Colours! 3D and it's only 3-5 bucks on Nintendo eShop.
[ ] You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend. (*sigh* Still no.)
[x] You Have Your Own Room. (Yes)
[x] You Own A Cell Phone. (I DID, but it fell out of my pocket one day at school :( )
[x] You Have An Mp3 Player/Ipod/Discman. (Yes.)
[x] Your Parents Are Still Married. (Yep, 19 years I think.)
[x] You Love Your Family (Yes :) )
[ ] There Is A Pool/Spa In Your Backyard. (Not yet ;) )


[x] You Dress The Way You Want To. 
[x] You Hang Out With Friends More Than Once A Week. (Only during school time... does that count?)
[x] There Is A Computer/ Laptop In Your Room. (I'm using it now)
[x] You Have Never Been Beaten Up 
[x] You Are Allowed To Listen To The Music You Want To.  
[x] Your Room Is Big Enough For You. (It's fine for one person, which is enough)
[x] People Don't Use You For Something You Have. 
[x] You Have Been To The Movies. (I saw Daddy's Home twice in a row.)


[ ] You Have Over 500 Friends On Facebook. (No FB.)
[ ] You Have Pictures On Facebook (Ditto)
[ ] Your Parents Let You Have A Facebook (Ditto.)
[x] You Get Allowance/Loan. 
[x] You Collect Something Normal. (Please tell me a rusty bullet is normal.)
[ ] You Look Forward To Going To College (I don't think I'm even going to go to college.)
[x] You Don't Wish You Were Someone Else. (I still hate myself.)
[ ] You Play A Sport (I almost die from going up the stairs in school, I cannot play sports for the life of me.)
[x] You Want To Do Something After School/College 


[ ] You Own A Car/Truck. (Too young.)
[x] You Usually Don't Fight With Your Parents (But we get into arguments occasionally.)
[x] You Have Never Got A Failing Grade On A Report Card In Your Life (If F is a failing grade, then no.)
[x] You Have Friends. (I have a best friend now! :D )
[ ] You've Never Had A Detention (Thug life)


[x] You Know What Is Going On In The World. (I'm not a hobo)
[ ] You Are Happy With Your Life 
[x] You Usually Aren't Sick. 
[ ] You Know More Than One Language 
[x] You Have A Screen Name. (Marimo :) )


[ ] You Own A Pet. (My Pokémon are my only pets.)
[x] You Know The Words To More Than 5 Songs. (Let's not go through all of them.)
[x] You Don't Have Any Enemies (My only enemy is Satan.)



Multiply it by 3


101%+: A+
90-100%: A
80-89%: B
70-79%: C
60-69%: D
00-59%: F 
Repost Saying "I Got A (Your Score) In Life"

Well, what do you know?? My life's improved! :D
  • Listening to: I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: Vines.
  • Playing: Flipnote Studio 3D
  • Eating: Yogurt and crackers. \^^/


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I like One Piece, Nintendo, and Vinesauce :)


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